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Dear User,
our website has been redesigned in order to further improve the quality of our services provided to both property searchers and the trade. Retail property search is still available at retail.hu, while information and news for the trade can be found at realista.hu.
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Media offer

What is retail.hu?

Retail.hu started off in 2008 and today is the market leader website for countrywide retail property search. Our website provides professional services for retail space seekers, property developers, property advisers and other service companies. Retail.hu is a member of iroda.hu group’s portfolio; further information about our media group can be found here.

Who is the target group?

  • Active and passive retail space seekers
  • Retailers, people related to the retail market
  • The representaives of real estate market

What can you advertise on our website?

Retail property

In return for a charge you can advertise on our website the retail spaces you intend to let or sell, and even register an entire shopping center or retail park into our database. The property will be assigned a data sheet with a unique ID, on which you can indicate the conditions of lease / sale, as well as the services offered by the property, the technical parameters, the parking facilities, and a detailed list of spaces. You can attach an unlimited amount of photos and documents also to your advertisement.


For highlighted advertising space and discounts please consult our colleagues.

Service company registration

Use our property web portal to inform your target group about your activities. You can use your company account to present information about your products and services in the form of press releases and your own data sheet.


Our website offers you the opportunity to display banner advertisements of different sizes and positions. For further details please download our Media Offer, or contact our colleagues.

Media offer

Iroda.hu group can assist you with a complete advertising campaign even, including the registration of properties/services, premium advertisement spaces, PR articles, newsletter coverage and banner display advertising. For further details please contact our colleagues.


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Ha irodát szeretne bérelni, konkrét ajánlat érdekli: a kiválasztott ingatlan adatlapján, a KAPCSOLAT dobozban találja meg a bérbeadó közvetlen elérhetőségét, ahol információt tud kérni.

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